The MASON 44 carries 205 gallons of fresh water in five stainless steel water tanks.  Each of the five stainless steel water tanks has a easy-to-use sounding rod and is provided with a large inspection plate should cleaning become necessary.  For routine flushing a threaded plug can easily be removed at the lowest part of the tank allowing the flushing water to run into the bilge and be pumped overboard by the yacht’s automatic electric bilge pump.


Diesel fuel capacity in the MASON 44 is 160 gallons.  The fuel is held within two black iron tanks. Both tanks are undercoated and painted to prevent corrosion.  Placement of both tanks is such that they are not exposed to bilge water also reducing corrosion potential.

A MASON 44 at maximum cruising RPM in moderate sea and wind conditions will cruise at better than 7 ½ knots and in those same weather conditions by reducing power and speed approximately 6 miles per gallon of diesel fuel can be achieved.  In perfect motoring conditions optimum range under power could be as high as 950 miles.  A maximum cruising RPM can result in a fuel burn as high as 1.6 gallons per hour and beating into 25 to 30 knots of head winds with a substantial head sea a boat speed of between 4 and 5 knots can be expected.  Under the most adverse conditions the range under power could be as low as 400 miles.

How Many Masons were Produced

Bob Miller from the Mason Owners Group estimates PAE/Ta Shing manufactured just over 200 Mason sailboats – 

·         82 of the Mason 43’s were built,

·         68 of the Mason 44’s were built,

·         25 of the Mason 33’s were built,

·         1 Mason 34 was built,

·         12 of the Mason 53’s were built,

·         11 of the Mason 54’s were built,

·         6 of the Mason 63’s were built,

·         2 of the Mason 64’s were built,


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